Young Talent Scholarship Program & Scholarship

Young Talent Scholarship Program 

Within the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts and Media, in Venice Italy with its 15 master classes of the different art disciplines and about 150 students participating every year, a laboratory with focus on new developments and trends will be held in 2016.  

2015 the focus was directed upon the “Performative Character of the Fine Arts.” In 2016 we offer scholarships for the master classes “Sculpture” as well as “New Media Art.”

In 2016 we offer a total of 9 scholarships including the participation fees, 4 also including accommodation at the Palazzo Zenobio. Students who want to apply are asked to send their project description and if necessary also pictures or other visual material per mail to news@sommerakademievenedig.comuntil latest April 17th 2016. 

We invite students to interdisciplinary project groups to develop new forms of „Performative Concepts of Fine Arts“:

Art & Performance: Jay Pather, choreographer and director of the Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts and chairman of the National Arts Festival Artistic Committee, South Africa.

Sculpture: Willie Bester, South Africa.

New Media Art: Jens Barth, Media artist; member of the jury for the innovation award “Open Mind” (Baden-Württemberg, Germany) and „Kunst und Technik“ (Fränkischen Hof in Weingarten/ Baden, Germany).

The International Summer Academy of Fine Arts and Media | Venice takes place from June, 20th to July, 17th 2016. 

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Young Talent Scholarship:

FACTBOX: Young Talent Scholarship

The International Summer Academy of Fine Arts & Media | Venice offers 9 scholarships in the following master classes:

Sculpture: Willie Bester (June, 26th  – July, 3rd 2016)

Art & Performance: Jay Pather (June, 26th  – July, 3rd 2016)
New Media Art: Jens Bart (July, 3rd – July, 10th 2016)

All scholarships include the participation fee, 4 scholarships also include accommodation at the Palazzo Zenobio.


The young talent scholarship is open to all students younger than 30 years. Please send your application per email with the Subject “young talent scholarship” and the name of the class you want to apply to

  • statement of interest (max. 300 words: what you expect and intend to learn)
  • images of your work and a short sketch of the project you want to realize

Deadline for Application: 17 April 2016
Please submit your application as pdf by mail before Sunday, April 17th 2016.

Deadline Admission: 26 April 2016
You will be informed upon your admission per email on Tuesday, April 26th 2016.