Dear students of Tallinn University!

Tallinn University Student Union Speaker announces the elections of Student Union Supervisory Committee for the period of 2019/2020.

The competence of the Supervisory Committee includes supervision over the following bodies of the Student Union:

  • 1. the Council;
  • 2. the Speaker;
  • 3. the Board and the working groups of the Student Union;
  • 4. the office of the Student Union;
  • 5. Student Councils;
  • 6. clubs of the Student Union;
  • 7. other bodies formed for realising the objectives of the Student Union that are laid out in its Statutes.

To apply you must send a signed copy of your application form by 7th of June in 2019, 23:59. You can send the documents by email to or bring them to the Student Union office on the first floor of house Astra, room S140.

Elections take place on the 12th of June, 2019 18:00 during the orderly session of the Representative Council