What is Student Council or SC?

Student Council stands for the interests and rights of university students. Thanks to Student Council students thoughts and problems find faster solutions. Student Council ensures that 1/5 of institutes board consists of students so the students needs would be considered in decision-making.

Student Council assists institutes with student councelling. Every student can turn to tutor or course representative in case of problems. Student Council coordinates course representatives,  gives them information and organizes training courses for them.

Student Council supports students professional and individual growth. If you have some unique ideas you can start carrying them out in Student Council. Student Council oranizes events for students to have enjoyable and cultural activities to pass their free time. Student Council is elected by corresponding institutes students before start of the schoolyear.

Student Council consists of active and efficient young people who believe that university is more than just book smarts.

EVERY STUDENT can participate!

Student Councils Coordinator 

Student Councils Coordinator ensures the efficiency and sustainability of the Tallinn University student councils, coordinates the flow of information, and boosts the unison between the union, councils and academic units. Another task of the coordinator is to map the needs of the councils and offer it for them, including training.

Marianna Vaga

Student Councils