Dear Student!

We are announcing the elections to Tallinn University Student Union Representative Council!

Run to be a representative because…

  • The Representative Council is the highest governing body of Tallinn University students, where the most active students take part and influence some of the most important decisions in our university, like the funding of higher education, well-being of international students and the sustainability and social policy of Tallinn University.
  • You can be the person who brings the students’ voice to university and makes sure that they are listened to. It is an opportunity to challenge yourself! 
  • As a Representative you can make sure that the Student Union has the best possible board and budget. 
  • If you see a reason to complain about something in the university, then the Representative Council is the place to do that and help make things better. 
  • Being a Representative gives you invaluable experience for the rest of your life – to learn about the workings of a public university in Estonia, to work with students of different backgrounds and views, with whom you will create meaningful change and simultaneously friendships for the rest of your life.

As a representative…

  • You can solve issues that you or fellow students face with other Representatives and Student Union members.
  • You can have a say in issues relating to your studies on a national level. 
  • You have an excellent opportunity to make students’ lives better through taking part in the meetings of the Representative Council.
  • You will gain a basic understanding of an organisation which contributes to the civil society, the practicalities of which will be valuable in your future worklife.  


Submitting your candidacy: Until 31st of March 2022

Voting period: April 4th-14th 2022


Every Tallinn University student can vote and submit their candidacy! The working language of the Student Union is Estonian which means that most of the original materials might be in Estonian, but not to worry! Translators will be provided each meeting and Student Union works hard to translate materials and give all students an access to the information regarding student life and the Student Union. You will have the chance to understand everything through meetings and discussions. 

If you yourself do not want to run as a candidate but know someone who would fit the role of a Representative well, then grab your friend and encourage them to step up to the challenge and run!


Fill out the letter of application which can be found here (which should be uploaded later to the questionnaire form)! After filling out the application, answer this questionnaire based on which  your introduction to the students will be formed.

The results will be announced after the voting protocol has been finalised in mid – April.