Dear students of Tallinn University!

The Tallinn University Student Union Speaker announces the beginning of the elections for the position of Speaker.

The Speaker organizes the work of the Student Union Representative Council and takes part in the meetings with the Student Council and Student Union board.

Every student of Tallinn University is eligible to run for the position of the Speaker, however the working language of the position is Estonian. 

The election will take place on the 19th of January, at the Representative Council session at 6PM. Letter of application should be sent to the current Speaker at in digitally signed format at the latest on the 16th of January at 6PM. All the candidates will receive further information about the election procedure and the session's meeting place. 

The members of the Representative Council can propose new candidates at the beginning of the agenda point as well with three Representatives presenting a mutual candidate. 

For more information on the duties and requirements of the Speaker, feel free to contact the current Speaker on the email: