• Wish to organize a science-related event or project?
  • Have a great idea for your final thesis, but lack financing?
  • Looking support for presenting your research at a conference?

You can apply for research project grants from February 8th to March 9th 2021. The application should be based on the official application form (see below). Once you’ve filled out the form, bring it to the Student Union’s office S-139 and send a digital copy of it to projekt@esindus.ee.

The grants are divided into three types and are meant for carrying out research (up to 400 euros per application), popularizing science (up to 800 euros per application) and presenting research at conferences (up to 300 euros per application), respectively.


  • Application and procedure rules for student research project grants. Download HERE.
  • Application form. Download HERE.
  • Report form. Download HERE.
  • Reporting guide. Download HERE.

Ask for counselling!

If you are not sure whether you should apply for a grant, then you are welcome to discuss your ideas. If you need individual counselling, feel free to contact aseharidus@esindus.ee or projekt@esindus.ee.

Type 1 grants – cover expenses related to carrying out research, including:

  • expenses related to gathering data;
  •  purchasing work equipment and information sources (after the project has ended, books and other information sources will remain in the Academic Library with a note mentioning the science project through which they were purchased);
  • expenses related to publishing research, e.g. translation and editing fees.

(up to 400 euros per application and application round).

Type 2 grants – cover expenses related to the popularization of science among university students, high school students and the general public, including:

  • expenses related to organizing events that popularize science (conferences, seminars, lectures etc.);
  • expenses related to compiling and publishing materials that popularize science (brochures, videos etc.);
  • expenses related to organizing events and publishing materials that promote participation in student societies (exhibitions, videos, posters etc.).

(up to 800 euros per application and application round).

Type 3 grants – cover expenses related to the presentation of research at conferences, symposiums, etc. by undergraduate students, including:

  • expenses related to travelling to conferences and other science events;
  • expenses related to participating in conferences and other science events (participation fees etc.);
  • other expenses related to presenting research, according to the science project committee’s decision (see 5.2).

(up to 300 euros per application and application round).

You can find out more about eligible expenses from the application and procedure rules document (see above “Documents”).

Suggestions for grant applicants and recipients:

  • Start filling out the application form right away (don’t leave it on the last week before the deadline).
  • Read all the documentation (application and procedure rules, application form, report form).
  • Take a look at projects that have previously received grants.
  • Make sure the project is thoroughly planned out and has concrete goals, measurable outcomes, an action plan, people responsible for carrying out each task and an estimation of expenses related to carrying out each task.
  • Make sure your project has a clear division of labour before you begin carrying it out.
  • Find out how much project-related items cost and ask for offer prices if necessary.
  • Plan out which expenditures you will fund yourself and which ones you want to be funded by the grant.
  • Let a friend read your application before you submit it: he/she can find the mistakes that you didn’t notice.
  • When you are carrying out your project, make sure to keep all the expense and payment documents (bills, checks, receipts, payment orders, tickets etc.). You can find out more about this in the reporting guidelines.
  • Ask for advice.