Tallinn University Student Union is lead by a 3-member board, which is elected every year by the Students Representative Council. All students from Tallinn University can run for a position on the Board.

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Erle Vainjärv

chairperson of the board


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Lennart Mathias Männik

member of the board in social policy affairs


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Lydia Kurus

member of the board in educational and research affairs


The areas of responsibility for the board

Chairperson of the Board

  1. Performs general management of the organization;
  2. Organizes the work of the Board;
  3. Responsible for the communication, administrative and economic field;
  4. Responsible for the Student Union’s staff and volunteers training;
  5. Coordinates the Student Councils’ development;
  6. Organizes the Student Union’s external relations;
  7. Coordinates the activities of the student representatives in the University’s Senate and in different student organisations;
  8. Is a member of the Tallinn University’s collegial body,
  9. Senate and the general assembly of The Federation of Estonian Student Unions.

Member of the Board in Social Policy Affairs

  1. Leads the Student Union’s Social Policy field (consulting, g rants), access to higher education (tuition, learning environment, students with special needs, dormitories, children’s day care);
  2. Health and social welfare provision for the Student Union
  3. Coordinates the activities of the student representatives in the University’s dormitories managing bodies (NGO Dormitorium);
  4. Is a member of the University’s Senate and the general assembly of The Federation of Estonian Student Unions.

Member of the Board Educational and Research Affairs

  1. Leads the Student Union’s Educational and Research feild (research, the development of different fields of studies, study regulations, consultation (including tutoring), mobility;
    Is responsible for the operation of the course representative system;
    Is responsible for the popularization of student research;
    Coordinates the activities of the representatives of the Student Union in the university’s institutes collegial bodies of education;
    Is part of the TU Academic Library’s council, the Tallinn University Senate and the general assembly of The Federation of Estonian Student Unions.
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Laura Paju

head of human resources

+372 64 09 129

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Sandra Sirp

head of communications and marketing


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Kaili Muru

document management specialist


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Erki Aas



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Melissa Anson

manager of the children’s daycare


The areas of responsibility for the board


  1. Responsible for booking premises;
  2. Responsible for the sale of Student Union’s souvenirs;
  3. Organizes printing/copying/scanning services;
  4. Organizes ISIC/ITIC orders and issuing;
  5. Organizes Student Union’s events;
  6. Responsible for sound equipment rentals.


  1. Mapping training needs and coordinating training activities in the Student Union;
  2. Engages in creating a good working environment for personnel;
  3. Engages in Student Union’s development activities;
  4. If necessary, recruits new staff to the Student Union office.


  1. Responsible for Student Union notice boards;
  2. Organizes advertising;
  3. Responsible for cooperation offers;
  4. Responsible for Estonian students newsletter;
  5. Responsible for Student Union social media;
  6. Organizes partly in-house events.


  1. Responsible for student and science-related projects;
  2. Responsible for accountancy.


  1. Develops and supports the activities of Student Councils and Clubs;
  2. Does development interviews with Student Councils and Clubs, including mapping training needs;
  3. Checks the correct and timely submission of documents of Student Councils and Clubs.


  1. Responsible for children’s daycare.


  1. Responsible for webpage.

Tallinn University Senate

  • Kristen Aigro (BA)
  • Helevi Jurjev (BA)
  • Lennart Mathias Männik (BA)
  • Lydia Kurus (BA)
  • Anna-Liis Uuetoa (BA)
  • Kristel Jakobson (MA)
  • Maarja Tali (MA)
  • Musa Howlader (PhD)
  • Katrina Koppel (PhD)

NGO Dormitorium General Assembly

  • Hanna Gerta Alamets

Federation of Estonia Student Unions Council

  • Anna-Liis Uuetoa

Federation of Estonian Student Unions General Assembly

  • Kristen Aigro
  • Lennart Mathias Männik
  • Helevi Jurjev
  • Lydia Kurus

Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communications School’s Council

  • Jelizaveta Karavajeva (BA)
  • Hannariin Lamp (BA)
  • Ermo Säks (PhD)

Collegial Body of Educational Affairs

  • Hannariin Lamp (BA)

School of Digital Technologies’ Council

  • Mihkel Joll (BA)
  • Gevin Kenro Paas (BA)
  • Mihkel Vaher (BA)
  • Joosep Luts (BA)

Collegial Body of Educational Affairs

  • Merilin Võrk

School of Educational Sciences’ Council

  • Delis Pärnoja (BA)
  • Liisi-Ann Karro (MA)
  • Janika Leoste (PhD)

Collegial Body of Educational Affairs

  • Liisi-Ann Karro (MA)

School of Humanities’ Council

  • Lydia Kurus (BA)
  • Iris Ojavee (BA)
  • Margo Veskimägi (MA)
  • Andra Kütt (PhD)

Collegial Body of Educational Affairs

  • Lydia Kurus (BA)
  • Triin Õismaa (BA)

School of Natural Sciences and Health’s Council

  • Dan Taidla (BA)
  • Oliver Koit (PhD)
  • Valeri Murnikov (PhD)

Collegial Body of Educational Affairs

  • Valeri Murnikov (PhD)

School of Governance, Law and Society’s Council

  • Anne Wells (BA)
  • Fredy Bogomolov (MA)
  • Kristi Kaljurand (MA)
  • Katrina Koppel (PhD)

Collegial Body of educational Affairs

  • Annika Lehtsalu (BA)

The supervisory and control body of the Student Union is the monitoring committee of the Student Union, consisting of three to five members elected by the Representative Council.

The Monitoring Commitee jas the following functions:

  1. to verify the conformity of the activity of the bodies of the Student Union with the legislation, development plan and activity plan;
  2. to check the accounts of the Student Union and the use of assets;
  3. to carry out audits;
  4. to provide estimates in legal and property-related issues;
  5. other functions laid down in the statute and other legislation.

Members of the Monitoring Committee:

  • Johanna Viik
  • Erik Mikkus
  • Hanna Gerta Alamets

Everyone can contact the Monitoring Committee at any time concerning any questions or problems by writing an email to jarelevalve@esindus.ee