Dear students and alumni of Tallinn University!

The student body of Tallinn University awards Decorations of Honor to people who have contributed to the advancement of the student life of Tallinn University or who have excelled with other achievements and increased the value of our university.
All students have the right to make a proposal to the Decorations Committee about the people who have earned the award. The decorations will be appointed by the Committee in November and will be ceremoniously presented at the December birthday of the student body.

The committee consists of the speaker of the student council, the chairman of the Student Union board, a representative of the Representative council, one representative of the doctoral students, one representative of the student councils and two representatives of the alumni of the student body.

To nominate a candidate:

Send a letter to by the 18th of October, 2020 at the latest, stating:

1. Name and contact details of the candidate to be nominated
2. The class of decorations in which the candidate is nominated
3. Justification why the candidate deserves the decoration
4. Your name and contact information

Classes of decorations:

Class I, Order of the Maecenatus Studiosorum (supporter). Granted to a person who has long-term supported the development and activities of the student body. Granted to the rector of the university at the end of his term. The second degree decoration is awarded to a representative of the student body outside the university. 

Class II, decoration “Studiosus Assiduus” (actor-badge). The first degree decoration is awarded to a university student or graduate for outstanding activities in the development of the student body. The 2nd degree decoration is awarded to a university student for his or her contribution to the work of the student body. 

Class III, Order of the Studiosus Magnificus (large student). Awarded to a university student for outstanding individual achievement by acting as a university student or representing the university. Check out the statute of decorations of the Tallinn University student body here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

* The decorations of the student body are the highest awards of the student body of Tallinn University, which are given to exceptionally outstanding people who have done great deeds for the student body.