Prerequistes for getting a study allowance

The applicant…

1)…is a citizen of Estonia or lives here with a Estonian residence permit or right of residence.

2)…has not exceede the nominal period of her/his study programme.

3)…is not on academic leave.

Who to turn to if you have questions?

If you have additional questions regarding study allowances or scholarships then you can write to

  • The result-based grant is meant for students who have been fully completing their study programme with good grades. You can start applying for the grant during the second semester.
  • Speciality grant is for students who have started their studies from an academic year 2014/15 and are studying either Applied Computer Science, Computer Science (BA), Human-Computer Interaction, Digital Learning Games or Educational Technology. The grant is 160 euros per month.
  • Needs-based study allowance is for full-time students, which is designed to support students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds in terms of their access to higher education, success in studies and completion of a study programme with a nominal duration.
  • Need-based special allowance is for students if their application for a needs-based study allowance was rejected in the state portal for the reason that their earlier income exceeded the limit established for the granting of the allowance but the income of the applicant has recently decreased.

The Student Union offers grants for student projects and research projects.