See the events that are happening now or in the future!

10.05 – 14.05 Student Shadow week

The Virtual Student Shadow Week gives future TLU students the opportunity to participate as a shadow of the current student, for example in lectures or to ask questions about specialities of interest. Register as a shadow today and we will help you connect with the right student.
Register as a TLU student today and we will meet you with a shadow who can be a new student at TLU from the new academic year thanks to you.

01.05 – 31.05 Health Orientation Month May 2021

Tallinn University, the promoter of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, invites all its employees and students to take part in the Heath Orientation Month. The event lasts for the whole of May. The challenge is to increase daily activity and move more in the fresh air and actively accumulate kilometres (while burning calories) in May.

01.04 – 30.04 Tallinn University Green Month

During April, you can take part in a number of challenges, workshops and also take part in a film night as part of Green Month. Green Month is taking place virtually this year and we invite all to participate!

You can find out more about the events on our Facebook page and read more about the project here.