The Tallinn University Student Union Speaker hereby declares that the extraordinary elections for the position of Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board in Social Policy Affairs have begun!

The Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board in Social Policy Affairs leads the Student Union’s Social Policy field Manages the field of social policy in the Student Union, including

  • Access to quality counselling services (incl. allowances, grants), 
  • Access to higher education (incl. tuition, study environment, students with special needs, children’s daycare)
  • Equal treatment and social welfare
  • Sustainable development
  • Being responsible for the area of social welfare and  health in the Student Union, 
  • Coordinating the activity of the representatives of the Student Union in the bodies of the institution managing the university housing (MTÜ Dormitorium);
  • Based on their official position, being a member of the university’s senate and the General Meeting of the Estonian Association of Student Unions.
  • Ensuring continuity in their governance area by means of substantially passing forward their position in office.

Member of the Board in Social Policy Affairs is a paid position, offering a gross salary 800€/month. Student Union offers a dynamic work atmosphere, various trainings and holds regular motivational events for its’ wonderful team. Our office is located in the Silva building of Tallinn University.

To run for the position of the member of the Board in Social Policy Affairs you need to send a proper application, motivational letter and CV to the Student Union Speaker via the address by the 13th  of August 2021. All candidates are required to attend the Representative Council Session on the 18th of August, where the elections take place. The candidates will be informed about the session’s location, time and election procedure before the session.
The working language for the position is Estonian.

PS! A member of the Board has to be enrolled as a student in Tallinn University and cannot be an active member in any political parties.