Dear student! 

It is time to give your vote to a deserving candidate, who will be representing doctoral students in the Student Representative Council!
Elections last from the 4th of April 5:00 PM until  14th of April 11:59 PM.

The election procedure and your candidates can be found below.

Make your vote count!

The voter application can be accessed from the web address To log in, you can use your TLU OIS username and password, ID card, Mobile ID or Smart-ID.

Once the person is identified, your options are displayed and you can mark your preference. The voting session is active for 30 minutes, after which you will be automatically logged out.

You have the right to change your vote at any time by re-voting, re-registering at the scheduled time (before the end of the election). If you cast multiple votes, the application counts the vote you cast last.

* If you have forgotten your TLU OIS account / password, you can receive information from  

If you have any questions regarding the organisation of  the elections, please contact the election committee at e-mail

If you are unable to enter the voter application, please contact

Make your vote count!

The election committee