The course representative is the most important person of the course, through whom the conserns, ideas and suggestions of the students will reach the institute’s Student Council. Also the information that is directed to a certain course can be spread through the course representative.

Course representative’s main tasks are:

  1. Providing information to the course;
  2. Helping coursemates – the course representative knows where to turn to if a student has a problem.
  3. Gathering and forwarding the course’s proposals, worries and ideas to the Studen Council

Course representative’s advantages:

  1. Is always informed better than others;
  2. Has a good chance to take part of the Student Union organized training courses;
  3. New contacts and (thorugh them advantages) in both teaching and student life;
  4. In certain Student Union events it is possible to get a ticket free or with a discount (you have to contact your Student Council separately for this point).

If you want to become a course representative or want to know who your represtentative is, please contact your Student Council.

For more information: Helevi Jurjev, Member of the Board in Educational and Research Affairs, email: