Welcome to Tallinn University’s Children’s Day Care page!

OPEN Monday to Friday 10:00-16:00

  • phone number: 6 409 128 (only available when there is a sitter in the Day Care)
  • e-mail: lastetuba@esindus.ee
  • Location: Tallinn University, Silva building, First floor, room S-114.

We work from end of the September to middle of the December and beginning of Ferbuary to the end of May

Register your child at latest on Saturday!!

After registration you will get a confirmation e-mail, which states that the registration is forwarded to us. Because the Day Care is carried out by student who have declared the subject, there is a possibilty that the time you have registered your child there isn’t a student available.

If your child gets sick or unexpectedly can’t come notify us about it immediately!

If you enjoy playing with small children and you like to spend your free time between classes cheerily and palyfully… Come and become a TU Children’s Day Care VOLENTEER!

OR Finnish subject “Pedagoogiline tegevus lapsehoius” KAA6051 and get 4 ECTS credits.

  • You can register for the subject beginning of the fall and spring semester
  • Subject teacher is Silvi Suur
  • To pass the course, you have to do 39 hours of practical work
  • Write a portfolio

The practical work is done during the opening hours of the Day Care.

If you are interested, then come and try. If you have questions or need more information contact us at lastetuba@esindus.ee

In the Day Care we take children who are atleast 2 years old. Younger ones (minimum 1.5 years) we take only with special agreement, if the child adjust easily.

Children who can’t adjust after several tries, we can’t take in.

We recommend to take a break and try again after a while.



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The project was started by Tallinn University Student Union and the NGO ProjectsAreUs in cooperation with active parents who were students in our school. The Day Care is based on volunteering – all of the employees are volunteers and most of the toys are donations.

Altough the Day Care is free of charge for students with children, it is based on volunteering. You can support us by leaving a donation in the donation box, which can be found in the Day Care. The donations are used to buy pencils, crayons, paper, books etc. for the children.