At the beginning of November 1990 the representations elections of the corporate wing of the organization was held in the assembly hall, where the canidates were submitted by the corporations. 10th of the December in 1990 can call the TU Student Unions offical creation/birthday and the elections results were revealed.

In the following weeks after the elections, several representation meetings were held, where the so-called power of the student body was given to the newly elected representation. Tallinn Pedagogical Institute student unions representative body will start calling themselves a union.

Throughout years the student union has had a plenty of capable young people, who have become well known and beloved members of society. For example, Meelis Antonen, Keit Pentus, Jaagup Kreem, Ivar Veskioja, Rain Veetõusme, Aivar Kuusk and many others started their careers at the Student Union.