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Eksmati has lived a wide range of lives. As a child, he sang in the Big Forest toddler choir, as an adolescent he made his own band, where the rabbit played the drums, the bear played the flute, and he sang and played the guitar himself. Of course, Eksmati has also been in the forest army. Now he participates in the activities of the Tallinn University group of the Defence League and defends all TLU students together with other brave people.

Tallinn University’s cap

The Tallinn University’s cap is creamy white with a cherry red border. The intertwined continuous line of the ornament embroidered on top of the cap symbolises the cohesion between the members of Tallinn University and helps to remember the values of the university. White represents academic spirituality and freedom, red the cohesion of the university family, and black academic demands and patriotism. The cap can be worn by students, alumni, the rector, vice-rectors, members of the university senate, professors, associate professors, lecturers, researchers, senior researchers and assistants. First-year students can purchase the university cap from the second semester. At the same time, the best first-year students are thanked at the Annual Cap Ceremony, where they will receive a cap as a present. The university cap can be bought from the student union office, room S-139.

Tallinn University ring

The selection of Tallinn University rings includes a silver ring, a gold-plated ring and a gold ring. The appropriate size can be selected at the student union office, room S-139. The rings are made by the esteemed Roman Tavast OÜ. The rings are ordered twice a year (in autumn and spring).

Ordering and additional information: isic@esindus.ee

Badges of merit

The Student Union of Tallinn University awards badges of merit to persons who have contributed to the advancement of the student life of Tallinn University or who have excelled with other achievements and increased the value of our university.

All students have the right to make a proposal to the Badges Committee about people who have earned the award. The badges will be awarded by the Commission in November and will be solemnly given to the laureates at the Student Union’s birthday.

Committee consists of:

  1. Student Union Representative Council Speaker
  2. A representative of the Representative Council appointed by the council
  3. Chairperson of the Board
  4. A representative of the student councils elected at the meeting of the student council boards
  5. Two alumni of the Student Union, one of whom has previously been awarded a badge of merit
  6. A doctoral student at a university appointed by the council

To nominate a candidate:

Send a letter to spiiker@esindus.ee, where it says:

  1. Name and contact details of the candidate to be nominated
  2. The class of badges of merit in which the candidate is nominated
  3. Justification why the candidate deserves the badge of merit
  4. Your name and contact information

Badges of merit

I class

Maecenatus Studiosorum (supporter-badge). Awarded to a person who has long-term supported the development and activities of the Student Union. Granted to the rector of Tallinn University at the end of his term. The 2nd class badge is awarded to a representative of the Student Union outside the university.

II class

Studiosus Assiduus (actor-badge). The 1st class badge is awarded to a student or alumni of Tallinn University for outstanding activities in the development of the Student Union. The 2nd class badge is awarded to a university student for his or her contribution to the work of the Student Union.

III class

Studiosus Magnificus (outstanding student). Awarded to a student of Tallinn University for outstanding individual achievements representing the university.

Tallinn University ( Tallinn Pedagogical Institute) predecessor is Tallinn Teachers Seminarwhich was founded on 15. September 1919. Over the decades the seminar underwent number of changes and in 1952 then Tallinn Teachers Seminar was made into a university. That year can be named also a TU Sdutent Unions birthyear.

Student Union in todays meaning was formed in 1990 December, when the first democratic elections was held into the Tallinn Pedagogical Institute
(TpedI) Student Council

Soviet period

During the Soviet occupation period, the function of representing the student body in the university higher organs was somewhat fulfilled by the intra-school comomol organization. In 1989 the TpedI then student body mold disappeared under the intra-school comomol organization. The same functionaries adjusted over to student union, which however was not yet a union formed by democratic elected students.

In 1990 2nd of October the TpedI student union extended meeting (involved corporations and Institute administration) a Culture Faculty student Ants Tooming (corporation! Fraternitas Liviensis) on his proposal to form in the university a competent democratically elected student office like other student organizations in Republic of Estonia.

First elections

At the beginning of November 1990 the representations elections of the corporate wing of the organization was held in the assembly hall, where the canidates were submitted by the corporations. 10th of the December in 1990 can call the TU Student Unions offical creation/birthday and the elections results were revealed.

In the following weeks after the elections, several representation meetings were held, where the so-called power of the student body was given to the newly elected representation. Tallinn Pedagogical Institute student unions representative body will start calling themselves a union. TPU student council first chairman was Indrek palyu, who soon stepped back. Instead of him after some timne was elected Agu Vahur as a new chairman, who stayed as a chairperson until the next elections.

Student Unions active beginning to defend students interests

In the end of the 1990s the students who established the student union led to aperiod of active student policy, because TPU student union started to intervene in the university decision-making processes and strongly contribute to the Federation of Estonian Student Unions activities. That period also includes the development of the current structure (chairman, 2 vice-chairman, 5 commitees, 21 members).

Student representatives who fight for student rights started to act by faculty, because in 1999 the Student Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences was created to strengthen students represntation on the faculty level. On the initiative of the Student Union and under the the leadership of the students from the faculties, in spring 2004 student council was established in the Faculty of Physical Education.

The aim was to create student councils in all of the faculites and other academic units of TPU. In the year of 2003 a group of supporting members were involved – next to 21 members in the student union commitees, there were 15 active supporting members working in the Federation of Student Unions seminars. Remarkable jump in the student election turnout happend in 2004 spring if we compare them with 2003 elections (2003: 8,7% from all students) it doupled

Since 1991 The Student Union has been a member of the Federation of Estonian Student Unions. The Federation of Estonian Student Unions is an umbrella organisation for students that was founded in 1991. The Federation of Estonian Student Unions main goal is to stand for the educational and socio-economic rights and interests of the students.

Student Unions vison

Tallinn University’s students are broadly involved in leading the university. The students are aware of and use their educational, social, cultural and communal opportunities actively.

Student Unions mission
Tallinn University’s Student Union’s mission is to represent the rights and interests of the students and to advance their development opportunities.

Student Unions values

  • Humanistic and person centered
  • Courage (to take the floor, to express their opinion)
  • Engagement and cooperation
  • Transparency