Building Bridges in Medical Sciences conference 2016 – Cambridge, UK

Friday 11th March 2016, Robinson College, Cambridge
Building Bridges in Medical Sciences (BBMS) is hosting its eighth conference organised by graduate students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences. 
The conference aims to bring together scientists from different disciplines, career stages and countries and emphasizes the need for interdisciplinary approaches to tackling the biomedical research and global health challenges of the 21st century. This year will feature prominent speakers from various scientific disciplines, such as basic research, clinical practice, public health policy, industrial enterprise and more. Please see our speakers in the flyer attached.
Registration is free for all attendees and includes complimentary lunch and refreshments.  This year we will be joined once again by graduate students from abroad. We will also be hosting a poster competition, lunchtime workshops, elevator pitches from healthcare startups and networking sessions with OneTap badges from Blendology. Anyone interested in presenting a poster, do get in touch with us with an abstract.
Registration is open here!
BBMS 2016 poster 6th Jan 2016-page-001